You’ve found the Kings and we’re glad you did! We’re a family of 8 who loves to be outside, walking, camping, traveling, and playing. We’ve been homeschooling since before homeschooling was cool and both Mr. King and Mrs. King play a part in teaching their kids and supporting their homeschool community. We have been married since 2003 and so many things have happened since then. Every day is a new adventure with this crew. We learn together, laugh together, cry together, and have fun together.

What are we doing here? It’s simple.
This is a place for us to gather our thoughts and share what’s important to us. A lot of it will fall under this areas.


Heart, Mind, Body & Soul it’s all important to us


Camping, Beekeeping, Plants, Gardening, Baking, there’s so many


Knowing God and making Him known through education

About Us

Mr. King

I love being a husband and a father. It’s kinda my thing. Professionally I am a trainer. It’s a career that I truly love and enjoy. It took a while to find it but I’m glad that I have. God has blessed me with lots of different opportunities over the years and they have all taught me lessons and skills which help me to teach and develop others.

I also used to be a professional athlete. With that came a ton of fun and excitement but it left my body with a few aches and pains and weight that was not sustainable. Now I’m focused on getting healthy, dropping pounds and making sure that I will be around for my family for years to come. The biggest thing that has helped is Nick Hardwick’s Lose Like A Lineman program.

I have several interests that may show up here. I really enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, beekeeping, reading, video games, technology and making stuff with my hands. I also take on home remodeling projects when I have the time.

Mrs. King

Hey there! I couldn’t imagine not being a mom and could not do this without Mr. King. Early in our marriage, God made it clear that I needed to give Him control of my life. At that moment I knew I wanted a big family with kids who were close and a dream of lots of kids and grandkids coming home for the holidays and family gatherings.

I grew up dancing and acting and I have passed those creative passions on to our kids who love to draw, paint, make fun videos and be silly (just like me!) I have put those creative juices to work in our homeschool plans as well as in my hobbies. Over the years I’ve sewed and crafted but I’m really into cooking and baking.

Baking bread is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. I was doing sourdough before sourdough was cool. I also really enjoy reading. It’s actually something our whole family enjoys that we often do together.