I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to check on the bees on Friday when it was raining that morning. Thankfully, the sun came out and the wind let up a little bit. When I got home from work, B and I went out in our gear and popped the top to the hive. The queen had been released from her cage and the bees had been busily building comb off of it.

We set that aside and searched for the queen in the hive. The bees were very busy building out comb and storing pollen. I found the queen on the 3rd frame that I pulled. She was cruising around and seemed pretty happy. There is a lot of comb already built out so she should be able to get to work soon.

We added 1 last frame to fill out the hive. I’m researching whether I need to be feeding them right now or not. There are trees blooming around us already which means there is pollen to gather. These bees are fairly calm and easy to handle and I’m glad for that. It means kids can help and not feel like they will get stung. I really enjoy having a kid partner with me when doing bee chores.

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