A Fresh Start

I’ve been writing in a blog since early 2003. A lot has changed since then. 6 kids, moves, career changes, even death. I’ve written a lot of it down but recently I’ve lost the 12 years of posts. This site was hacked and content was deleted. Unfortunately I have not found a recent backup yet. 2003-2008 is preserved in another site but anything over the last decade is gone unless I come across the database.

this is my first blog. assuming no one is going to be reading this, i will say whatever. (not that i wouldn’t anyway) i am recently married. as of february, 15th i am the proud part of a marriage to my wife kristie. she is my life and i could not live without her. we are getting a dog next week, so i’ll post up things with that. ok, i’m out for the nite, next time…..

My first blog post

My first blog was interesting. We had just gotten married and I wanted to capture life as it was happening. I apparently had something against capitalization and treated the platform much like a status update on Facebook (which didn’t exist yet).

This is a chance for a fresh start. It’s also a lesson in keeping back ups of important things like blogs, photos, files, etc. But mostly a chance for a fresh start. So that’s what I’ll be doing, starting fresh and writing. We’ll see what shows up. I’m looking forward to it.

1 thought on “A New Hobby

  1. Moses says:

    Congratulations on a successful hive! So exciting to open it up after the winter and see live bees!
    My dad, Dane, tried beekeeping a couple years ago but they died from varroamites! We got several jars of honey though. Dane hasn’t tried again since.


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